Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tron: Legacy

They finally did it, they waited and waited until there's 3D before they did a sequel to Tron. I don't know who this "they" is, and I don't know if 3D was their criteria for making a sequel, but it seems like a good excuse to wait so long. Anyhow, this geek girl was excited and went to see Tron: Legacy at the IMAX in the nearest science museum. Because the trailers looked so awesome, and it's in 3D, I also expected to be let down like I was with Avatar.

The movie spends quite a bit of time catching up on events since the first Tron, and how The Grid has grown and changed. Not the entire movie was filmed nor projected in 3D, but the 3D effects were very well used and immersive, without blatant abuse of "watch out for that thing flying at your face!" or "doesn't it seem like you can just reach out and grab it? Go on, try and grab it while it teases you with its slow spin." They made The Grid actually fairly minimalist during action sequences so it's not too jarring.

The other computer effect that you might have heard of is the Young Jeff Bridges acting against Now Jeff Bridges. It was the best utilization of the Uncanny Valley effect as I can think of, as Young Jeff Bridges looks sufficiently real to be believable, but just uncanny enough that you don't forget he's the antagonist.

The score is really pretty awesome. It was composed by the DJ duo Daft Punk whose work I often waver between feelings of ambivalence and hate.

Plot...just enough to keep the story going, it's very straight forward and everything is spelled out. The viewer is not required to infer anything.

Anyhow, the acting is very cheesy, Now Jeff Bridges is still playing The Dude.

It was satisfying to see in 3D, furthermore, I didn't get motion sick like I did at Avatar (where the plot was going in Avatar also helped in the decision to walk out). Overall, as long as you keep your expectations in check that it's mostly visual effects eye candy, then you're good.

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