Friday, August 20, 2010

Pho Garden

There's three pho restaurants in downtown Mountain View, and two of them are generally among the cheapest restaurants you can go to, with correspondingly low grade food. I mean it's really low grade. You have a selection of meats, ranging from flank steak to intestines to tripe. I've never tried anything other than the highest grade of meat (i.e. flank), but basically even if you try a dish with the highest grade of meat, it's still a very low-grade meal. It costs like $5.

Today I went to the other pho restaurant, and having gone to the other two recently, I was expecting the worst. Surprisingly, it's a cut above the other two. I still didn't like my meal enough to finish it, but at least it wasn't disgusting. I write more about it here in the Sunfire lunch blog.

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