Thursday, April 02, 2009

D-Fuzz-It Sweater Comb

I've started building a collection of sweaters, and some of the well loved sweaters end up with little balls of fuzz that can't be simply picked away. Being into gadgets, I never quite bought into the sweater shaver, namely because it seems like a bother and doesn't solve the pre-pill fuzz mat, and I don't really like the idea of taking all the fuzziness away. Plus I'm cheap.

After a couple of months of spending a lot of time at fabric/yarn shops, I came across a few products that claim to solve the problem, I went for the sweater comb because it is the cheapest and simplest. It feels simply like sand paper, or some kind of metal sanding screen encased in a fake tortoise shell handle.

And by gods, it works (or else I wouldn't be posting about it in this blog).

It gets rid of the little balls of fuzz, detangles/pulls out the pre-pill fuzz mat, and still fluffs and combs the fibers so the sweater gets a complete face lift. I've only tried it on one sweater, but sometimes I get the urge to start de-fuzzing other people's pilly sweaters now that I am armed with the sweater comb.

Pros: It works, compact, needs no batteries, travels well.
Cons: Not sure what yet, possibly shorter lifespan, but at less than $5, most of us can afford to buy a new one every couple of years. Possibly too rough for some sweaters.

Here's a link so you know what to look for:

Here be crappy cam phone photos:

Before After (see ball of fuzz in background)

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valdelane said...

Yay, a new post!

If I wore sweaters I would buy that comb.