Sunday, December 28, 2008

Travelling For The Holidays

I expected the worst when booking my Christmas holiday flight this year. I haven't had great luck with air travel lately-- my last 1.5 hour flight was delayed by about 3 hours with no explanation. I figured the airport would be a zoo and it was, hundreds of grumbling people squashed into the terminal along with their luggage, smells, body heat, and germs. Mercifully, our flight was less than an hour late and we were beside ourselves with joy.

Think about that. A flight for which you paid a bunch of money and rushed to the airport to catch is "only" an hour late and you feel grateful for this.


Maidmoron said...

Same here, we got really lucky and none of our flights were delayed. Not having chosen our seats at time of booking the tickets (back in september), we still managed to get seats next to each other when we requested them at the gate for completely full flights. I don't think I even got charged for my overweight luggage!

Despite the lack of food on the flights and sketchy weather, United Airlines really pulled through.

Anonymous said...

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