Saturday, August 04, 2007

Safeway O Organics Organic Vanilla Creme Cookies

I will no longer eat many of my favorite supermarket cookies in any substantial quantity, particularly Oreos and Mother's frosted animal cookies, because they are chock full of partially hydrogenated gloop (and corn syrup. Damn you, corn lobby!). I tried a couple of the Newman's Own oreo knockoffs, but they didn't suck less than expected-- they just sucked. The mouthfeel of the filling was particularly off, the cookie part was bland... they tasted neither pleasingly healthy nor indulgently sweet.

So, I was skeptical that any organic oreo clone could be tasty. A friend of mine left a box of O Organics cookies at my house and I dug into them one day for an after-work snack. They're actually pretty good. The texture of the creme filling is just about right. The cookie is crisp but not too dry. They might even be a little better than the current Oreo instantiation-- less lingering chemical aftertaste. They're not great cookies, but they're a good Oreo clone.

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Yiling said...

You know, products with corn syrup and other corn bits in them will probably get more expensive with the rise in demand of ethanol, which is being perpetuated by heavy subsidies from the government. Even if they switch to soy alternatives, those will also get a little more expensive. Just saying..