Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'd been studiously avoiding anything to do with the Twilight books or movies. I'm not into vampires, teen heartthrobs, or anything set in high school unless it's a parody of the experience. However, my lovely spouse has gotten into the series. I observed that a number of my friends have accompanied their partners to these movies and that maybe I should man up and do the same-- I'm not scared of sparkly vampires, right? I volunteered to go to a showing of New Moon.

"Squeee!" went my lovely spouse, "but you need to see Twilight first!"

I poured a stiff drink and settled onto the couch expecting to grit my teeth through an ordeal. Actually... well, actually it wasn't too bad. It's an innocuous movie, tolerably plotted and moderately well acted. The CGI was not so great-- in particular, speedy-vampire Edward earnestly trucking up the mountain made me laugh out loud-- but generally not so bad as to be distracting.

That's not to say I don't have my issues with it. Oh, the angst! Oh, the smouldering glances-- but based on what, exactly? Bella seems not to be especially smart, witty, friendly, talented, or even all that hot and yet all she has to do to achieve instant popularity at her new high school (and a free truck!) is show up. Edward-- well, we understand he's troubled by the literal blood lust and all, but-- "I like to break into your bedroom and watch you sleep"? Really? Stalkeriffic. One is left wonder what exactly these two see in each other.

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aquanetta said...

A lot of the people I respect have come out as Twilight fans, it's rather caught me off guard.