Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton was first noticed by most people as the main character in Stand By Me, but he’s much better known as the much maligned character Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Unlike other people however, I was smitten with him since he was the only character my age on the show. Then he went off to college to study Literature at UCLA, then switching to Computer Science or something more Wesley Crusher-like, which didn’t do him many favors in terms of PR.

Then came the explosion of world wide web. Wil Wheaton became known as one of the few celebrities who create and maintain their own websites. But it really didn’t matter, his site was lame and he wasn’t doing anything interesting with his life. In the last few years, blogs became the thing, everybody had a blog or was starting one, that’s when he finally got back on my radar. I recently started reading his blog, he’s a funny guy especially when it comes to relaying his experience as a teen celebrity and opinions of ST:TNG. He maintains his personal blog at WilWheaton.Typepad.com, but he’s also very prolific, contributing to several other sites such as Onion AV’s video game column Games of Our Lives, a review of ST:TNG episodes on TV Squad, Suicide Girls, and Threadless. In his spare time he plays online poker, goes to auditions, and raises two kids with his wife.

He’s basically a totally normal nerdy guy with some pretty interesting things to say, except we don’t hate his guts as much anymore.

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